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13 Mar 2020
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Demineralizer Filters , Filter Demin .
Contact: Cv . Water Partners Tel: 031-5452872 Fax : 031-5355728 , Hp : 081234590404 , 03181118112 , 085733669931 , Pin Bb : 33215Ce3 Email : Marketing@Supplierfilterair.Com Website : https://supplierfilterair.com
Malang Branch : Jl . Fragrant Temple No. Lake . 48 Malang . HP : 082233334224
Demineralizer Is A Technology To Remove All Minerals And Salts From The Water . Demineralizer Will Remove All The Cations And Anions In The Water To Produce Pure Water With A Conductivity Of Less Than 10 Microseconds / Cm . Demineralizer Suitable For Use In Commercial And Industrial Scale To Produce Pure Water . Demineralization Is Done By Passing The Water Through An Ion Exchange Column Containing Cation And Anion Resins .

Demineralizer Suitable For Use In Industry :
- Power Plant
- Chemical Plant
- Food And Beverage Processing Plant
- Pharmaceutical Industry
- High-Pressure Boiler Feed Water

The Advantages Of Using Our Deminineralizer :
- Operation Complete And Easy To Regenerate .
- All Pumps Are Controlled In An Electrical Panel .
- Equipped With A Flowmeter And A Metering Valve To Control The Dose Of The Chemical Regeneration .
- All Pipes And Connections Are Aw Grade Pvc , Prevents Corrosion During Regeneration .







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