Gun Jet Cleaner
Gun Jet Cleaner
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16 Mei 2020
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Selling Gun Jet Cleaner, high pressure pump car wash spray, CV. Mitra Usaha Mandiri 0822 3333 4224

Gun Jet Cleaner is a tool that is used to spray water with high pressure. This tool is usually connected to the Water Compressor via a jet cleaner hose.

Gun Jet Cleaner has a head with 3 sizes and can be connected to reach the size of 60cm more.
This tool is already in use by Car wash service or other vehicle, because this tool more Practical, Efficient and Strong.

Head length: 12, 22, & amp; 32 cm

Gun Jet Cleaner is compatible with almost all brands of water compressor machines, except the following brands: Karcher, Krisbow (Maximus), Ace, and Lakoni

Chief Gun Jet Cleaner is intended for jet cleaner machine that uses a jet cleaner hose. If you want to be used in the engine and compressor hose or in regular hose then not suitable.

Info gun jet cleaner and other Car & Motorcycle Sponge, contact:

CV. MITRA USAHA MANDIRI Jl. No Rose. 43 Surabaya

Tel: 031-5454849, 031 -5313509

Fax: 031-5313509

Hp: 081234590404, 087854449399, 085733669931

BB PIN: 5B1540B3

Email: mitrausman@yahoo.co.id

Website: https://jualkapur.com https://mitrausahamandiri.biz

Malang Branch: Jl. Telaga Wangi Temple no. 48 Malang.

HP: 081216666753, 082233334224

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

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